About Pastor Ron

Ron & Paulette2        I am a husband, father, grandfather, and child of God. I have a passion for pouring what I have learned through years of studying and walking with the Father into the lives of others to help them find freedom through the love of Jesus. I enjoy fishing, old cars, traveling, and playing with my grandchildren. I hope you will come back often, and we’ll enjoy the journey together.

Pastor Ron

Since 1979, Ron Phillips has been senior pastor of Central Baptist Church, now known as Abba’s House, located in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. His television program, Ron Phillips from Abba’s House, blends solid biblical exposition with a simplicity anyone can understand. In addition, for 14 years, he hosted the daily 15-minute radio program, CenterPoint, across the nation, and throughout the world via the Internet.  He has now authored 34 books, including Awakened By The Spirit, Our Invisible Allies, Everyone’s Guide to Demons & Spiritual Warfare, the Foundations on the Holy Spirit series, The Power of Agreement (with his son, Dr. Ronnie Phillips, Jr.), and his latest release from Charisma House, The Hiram Code.


17 thoughts on “About Pastor Ron

  1. I really do like this blog. You’ve been in our prayers the past three years. So thankful the Lord has brought you through a variety of health issues during that time. You are a great encourager to the world and the body of Christ.

  2. You are such a fathering gift the the Body of Christ. (so reflecting the Father). I am thankful to enjoy this blog as I have your preaching/teaching for many years. Gladly receiving the riches here!

  3. Miss my church while I am here at MD Anderson. So wish I could be there for FONW. I know there will be healing in our House. I will be watching and sharing with the precious lady that is sharing her home with me. Looking forward to more miracles both here and there and praying for you.

  4. Ron, did you once preach in Montgomery,Al?
    I can still hear my mom talking about this man named Ron every time we went through Chatanooga as we headed out for a family vacation.
    I was too young to remember, but I remember attending Court Street baptist church.

      • Well I’m late getting back to you. If you ever down this way again come visit us at McGhee Rd. it’s been a long time. I have a special prayer request for my dad who has Alzheimer’s, please pray is slows down. My dad Ray Blackburn, who was diagnosed a year ago with this terrible disease. Not sure if you remember my parents or not, may God bless you.

  5. Im enjoying your blogs especially the Enough is Enough one. I keep having things come up every time Your preaching at church, Nursery 2 weeks ago, Beach trip this week. But My wife and I got to watch online, wow what a mighty outpouring of God with Damon Thompson there this last sunday. Im looking forward to some sunday night services this summer, Ive really been missing your preaching. I pray the Most High God continue to show u favor and bless you and your household.

  6. I listened to your Christmas message about Mary, the Mother of God. It was a beautiful message and right on!! I am a Roman Catholic. We do not worship anyone but God. We honor and respect the Blessed Mother. We ask for prayers from our parents, friends, family and the saints, here and in heaven. Have you read Scott Hahn’s book Rome Sweet Home? I think you would like it. Do you know Scott Hahn? I wish you would read the Catichism of the Catholic Church. With love and respect, Pat D’Olive

  7. I bumped into your blog! Except for Dr Paul Cox I’m not accustomed to hearing Baptists talk about spiritual warfare. You’d think demons had left the planet for the last 40 years. I look forward to reading more.

  8. I am just glad to see another God fearing man preaching Gods word as it is and not sugar coating it or tickling ears. I watch the episode on the terrorist in America and agree a lot of people has turned a blind eye to what’s going on here in our country or afraid to confront it. If we Christians don’t come to one accord with love through Jesus Christ for one another as per scriptures and stand for America and America stand for Israel we haven’t see nothing yet here in our homeland I’m afraid.

  9. Pastor Ron, I have recently been watching your show on TV and am quite blesssed and impressed with your dynamic presentation of the Gospel. I’m a law enforcement sergeant in the Houston area and am concerned for not only the current but future events as it relates to me my family and job and the public. Pray for us here and we desperately need more Christians in the field of law enforcement.

  10. So glad to hear that you are spirit filled. I enjoy the spiritual transformation that you have brought to the church. I enjoy so much the up to date messages you exhort to the people of America. I need special prayer concerning my financial situation. Gary.

  11. Dr. Phillips. I am currently reading your book which is truly GODS’ Word ‘Angels and Demons’ and I must say that I have been looking for this material for decades. You have filled in the missing pieces that I have sought for so long; which no pastor I have encountered has been able. Your explanations are clear and concise! I just cannot put this book down for very long.

    For years I have only gotten snippets of information from radio, TV or church sermons; all of which simply made implication of the spiritual forces at work in this world. ‘Angels and Demons’ pulls it all together and has charged me up. I have to admit because of my frustration with the limited information I have been slipping in my faith. No more slipping; this book has given me the spiritual grip I needed to stop slipping and begin a new journey in my quest for a stronger and closer relationship with GOD/JESUS.

    Once I’ve finished this book I will be ordering more materials from ministry.

    GOD Bless You! Keep up the good works of GOD. I pray GOD keeps you safe and healthy so you can keep up HIS good works in this world.

    I ask for one prayer from you. Please pray that my faith in GOD continues to rebuild and that I get to have a much deeper relationship with JESUS. It is a hope of mine that one day soon I will know the Lords voice when HE speaks to me. I pray that day is sooner than later.


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