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Dear Pastor Ron: Can you please explain how a person becomes anointed for the work of the Lord. My whole life has been problem after problem, hurt after hurt, rejection after rejection. Is suffering how you become anointed. I believe that I have been under oppression by the Enemy all of my life. Even as a child. Could you please help me understand what is going on?
Thank you.


Hi Bidesta,

Thank you for your comment and question. I’m glad you asked and, ironically, I think the sermon that I will be preaching in church tomorrow night (Wed. April 1) will help answer your question more fully than any short answer I can give you here. I’ll be talking about for those of us who love and serve Jesus Christ and often ask the question why, what does our suffering accomplish?
If you would like to watch, we LIVE stream (free) our services, so if you go to at 6:33p.m. (EST) tomorrow night, you can watch the service online, and I think you will find some of the answers to the questions you are asking. I hope it helps.

Pastor Ron

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