3 thoughts on “Books and other resources

  1. Today on February 11, 2013:
    I called into the i-800 number for prayer, ABBA House, Pastor Ron Philips was talking about Spritual Ware Fare, and this Prayerful Christian Lady prayed for me. God Bless her house hold. I wanted information on the material talking about Spritual Warfare.

  2. My husband bought me a Teileaph made in Israel and I would like the scriptures concerning Tabitha being healed by JESUS and the scriptures of its meaning of the colors. My sister is having a surgery tomorrow and I want to put it on her and Pray for GOD HEALING POWERS. Her.name is Darlene Kosloff and I watch your program with my husband every Sunday in WV.
    GOD BLESS YOU and Thank you
    Freda Rine IN JESUS NAME!!!!Amen!

    • Thank you for your comment, Freda. We will certainly be praying for your sister. If you will call our office at 1-800-877-6493, they can help you with all of the info (regarding the tallit) that you are requesting. They will also be happy to join in prayer with you for your sister’s healing.

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