A Middle East In Turmoil

KS77759Normally, my intent in blogging is to encourage and strengthen those who follow The Heart of Abba. However, there are those times when I feel it is important to discuss current events and unreported information, particularly when it pertains to events unfolding in the Middle East.

Today is one of those times.

There is startling, disturbing, and unreported information (except through a few outlets such as Glenn Beck’s, The Blaze) coming out of the Middle East and Egypt. I believe that it is important for all of us to understand what is going on, to understand the times we are living in, and to make informed decisions about the people and governments that we support, at home and around the world.

First of all, the arrest of former Egyptian president Morsi happened because he suspended the new Egyptian Constitution, and instituted Sharia Law. His followers declared open season on the Christians living in Egypt. Even though much more has happened, we know that last Friday (August 16th… the Muslim Holy Day), Muslim Brotherhood thugs burned 50 Christian churches, killed approximately 600 Christians, raped two teenage Christian sisters, beheaded a statue of the Virgin Mary, and burned dozens of businesses owned by Christians. The Egyptian military has stepped in, and is now trying to locate, arrest, and punish members of the now-illegal Muslim Brotherhood. Some friends of mine in Cairo have informed me that Morsi , supported by the Muslim Brotherhood, actually stole the election through fear and intimidation of voters.

It is important to remember that this man (Morsi) was supported by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the present administration, Senators John McCain (R-AZ), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and John Kerry (D-MA). Democrats and Republican leaders alike declared that the Muslim Brotherhood would be friends and allies, and touted the glories of the “Arab Spring”.

Once again, we see a total lack of understanding on the part of bureaucrats in regard to the fanatical nature of extreme Islam.

Having made 25 trips to the Middle East, I have many Muslim friends who love peace, but they also are intimidated, and live in fear of extremist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood.

The truth and reality of the matter is that radical Islam must be met with force.

Right now, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, and Al-Qaeda desire to take over Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and all of North Africa, thus having Israel completely surrounded. The only hope we have to stop a massive slaughter of Christians, Jews, and Alawi (and other moderate) Muslims in the Middle East is a strong military response similar to the one we see in Egypt, and (although it is disputed) even in Syria. Christians in these Middle Eastern countries are begging for help, and for the West to support the military as it tries to protect them from these extremists.

If America chooses to side with the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi, Egypt will become another Sudan, where tens of thousands of Christians were slaughtered while the West looked on silently.

Would you please join me in prayer for these dear people, many of whom are our Christian brothers and sisters? But beyond praying, would you put your faith into action and advise your own legislators to support the military in Egypt as it tries to restore constitutional government and democracy to that land?

By pastorron2013

I'm a husband, father, grandfather, and child of the Most High. I enjoy time spent with my Father, pointing others His direction, and watching them be transformed by His love and power. I also enjoy travelling, reading, old cars, and playing with my grandchildren.

One reply on “A Middle East In Turmoil”

Yessiree…total agreement! Our uninformed legislators do not seem to understand the great implication of their agreement with our Presidents opinion and support of the Arab Spring. Praying for our persecuted bros and sisters in the Middle East. As you often say….we know Who WINS!

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