Got Prizes?

Some lucky Heart of Abba follower out there got an email today titled…

The Heart of Abba November Grab Bag Winner

If you got that email, you are, in fact, this month’s winner! Check your email, and let us know… the lucky winner only has 48 hours to reply before we will be forced to select a new winner.

HealingThis month’s prize… The Healing Set

3 thoughts on “Got Prizes?

  1. Hi Pastor Ron,

    My name is Suzanne.

    I was so surprised to get your e-mail and learn I am winning the book “The Gift of Healing”

    I’m really very pleased to get that book as I am involved in the Healing Ministry of my church in Virginia. Teams that we trained are praying every Sunday between the 2 services with those who come to meet us in the Prayer Room; and this happens in a Baptist Church!

    I’m sure your book will teach us a lot of interesting things to continue putting into practice Jesus’ instructions to pray for the sick and all those in need .

    What do you need to get the book to me?

    Just in case here is my address if a copy is to be shipped to Arlington where I live:

    Suzanne Monnard

    1412 N.Hancock St.

    Arlington, VA 22201

    Best wishes to you and your staff and thanks for your e-mail posts,


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