It’s A Small World


RP1Currently, I am with a group of friends visiting Israel, the land of our Savior’s birth and life here on Earth. It never ceases to amaze me… the sights, the sounds, the people we meet. Whenever I travel abroad, the power and reach of media and technology always makes the world seem not quite so big. This trip is no exception. While we were visiting an Orthodox church in northern Israel, I was approached by the kind caretaker of the church. He told me that he recognized me from our television show, Ron Phillips from Abba’s House. Wow! Even in the most unexpected places, God continues to show me that what we do, and acts of obedience – regardless of how big or small – can change the world by changing lives.

Caesarea By The Sea2

Christ1Here are just a few pictures that some of my friends on the trip have taken. Hope you enjoy them, and can someday get to the Holy Land for yourself. It is a life-changing experience!

Pastor Ron

Megiddo3 Megiddo1 Mary Statue Church3  Church1 Church2

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