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The Value of Stillness

Through The Looking Glass2

With the success of his new movie, American Sniper, I thought I would share a little thought from director Clint Eastwood. He once conveyed this little anecdote…

“My old drama coach used to say, ‘Don’t just do something… stand there.’”

In our society today, we are addicted to noise. Everywhere we go, our auditory senses are being constantly assaulted to the point that, for most of us, silence makes us uncomfortable.

What is it about being still that bothers us so much?

What is it about silence that scares us to death?

In Psalms, God gives us a command…

“Be STILL… and know that I am God”. ~Psalm 46:10

Could it be that, in the silence of stillness, we face God on His terms? Is it that, without distractions, all of our mental “hiding places” are stripped away, and we have to be honest about our need for Him?

Are you looking for a fresh revelation of God in your life?

Don’t just do something….

Stand there.

Stand still.

And listen for His voice.