Healing Miracles (The Gift of Faith)

FONW PromoAt this year’s Fresh Oil New Wine Conference, the theme and focus has been “Where Healing Begins”. We are now three days in, and are hearing so many stories of miraculous healing taking place. Cancerous tumors shrinking, vision problems corrected, bones and joints being healed before our eyes… the list goes on and on. It is amazing to be standing in the river of God’s healing power, and watching the healing waters pour over so many. All praise be to God!

FONW 4One of our speakers, Randy Clark, spoke about faith being a gift, and how when we are healed, it not only builds our faith as the person healed, but it builds the faith of others as well. By testifying to the healing power that becomes manifest when you are healed, it gives that gift of faith to others. It gives others the hope that, the same healing power of God that healed you can heal them as well. The same promises of God that you claimed are available to them.


I would love to know your story of healing. If God has touched and healed you, would you share your story with me? Several people have already shared wonderful stories of God’s goodness, but I want to hear yours as well. Please follow the link below, and tell me your story in the comment section at the bottom of the page.



One thought on “Healing Miracles (The Gift of Faith)

  1. I just want to thank-you so much, Pastor Ron and the church there in Hixson, for live-streaming these meetings. I am watching from Colorado and it is rocking my world. This is powerful stuff and the healings and eternal reverberations from these days is sure to go on past this week. The sound of healing is strong. What a powerful morning…God bless you back!

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