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Our annual Fresh Oil New Wine 2013 Conference is under way, and what an amazing way to start it off! Yesterday, we witnessed dozens of healing miracles happening right before our eyes. People being healed of all manner of illnesses, conditions, and diseases. The reports have been nothing short of amazing!

While I believe healing builds the faith of the person receiving that healing, I also believe that testimonies of those healing miracles help to build the faith of others. Personal testimony has a powerful effect, on both the one testifying as well as those listening.

FONW WorshipI want to hear from YOU!

I want to hear your story of healing!

If God has touched you with miracle healing power already, I want to know. Please leave me a comment and tell me your story. I would like to share it, here on the blog (your comments will be viewable by others who follow the blog), as well as on Twitter and Facebook, so that others can rejoice with you, and find hope for themselves by the testimony of what God has done for you.

Talk to me.

Tell me more.

PLEASE… share YOUR story in the comment section below.


By pastorron2013

I'm a husband, father, grandfather, and child of the Most High. I enjoy time spent with my Father, pointing others His direction, and watching them be transformed by His love and power. I also enjoy travelling, reading, old cars, and playing with my grandchildren.

10 replies on “Tell Me More…”

I have had a chronic problem with my left ankle for
over 5 years…with constant pain. The bones will separate and tendons /ligaments will slide between and make it difficult to walk. Sunday night God healed me! I have no pain and can now walk without difficulty. My God is a great God!!

Prayed for my cousin, Debbie, up in Connecticut with my Aunt Elsa, over the phone, on Saturday. Debbie was found to have two brain tumors and was in alot of pain. They were putting in a shunt today to administer chemo. I also prayed for her during FONW on Sunday night, during the service. Got a call from my mom this morning. My Aunt Elsa reports that the doctors are amazed. Even without the chemo yet…the tumors have shrunk, she is no longer in pain, and they are going to be sending her home to recuperate rather than hospitalize her. The doctors can’t understand it. Our God is a great God! Praise the Lord!

years ago when I was in my 20″s the Lord told me I would have a daughter and gave me her name. For some reason I was having problems concieving but I stood on what Yeshua told me, one day I was listening to CBN and pat robinson gave a prophetic word about a woman who could not concieve, but the woman would concieve as God had promised, about 3 weeks to 1 month later I concieved a child…My next challenge I was about 1 month pregnant and began to have pain in my lower abb area and could hardly walk. I went to the doctor and was checked they told me I had a tumor growing next to my baby in my womb. Next the doctor said I may loose the child..but my responce was THE DEVIL IS A LIAR THIS IS THE PROMISED CHILD TO ME BY GOD. I was sent home…and began to sing praises to my Lord even bed ridden I worshiped my Lord Yeshua…shortly after this Yeshua spoke to me and said BECAUSE YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO WORSHIP ME IN THE MIDST OF THIS SITUATION IN 3 MONTHS I WILL HEAL YOU. On august 11, 1998 I went back to the doctor to get checked and the tumor was completly gone. The day I went in to give birth my child was turn head upward toward my chest in my womb, but Yeshua told me I would not not have a knife/C section..The doctor insisted a C section…I told her to step out of the room so I could pray and long story short when the doctor came back in to check my child had completly turn and I was ready to give birth.
My daughter Sarah whom was promised to me 7 years before was born the following year!

Bless the name of the Lord..He IS a supernatural God!!

Watching over the internet tonight with Randy Clark. My daughter, Audra, has has a vision loss in her left eye. We’ve been to specialist looking for the cause or fix. Nothing could be done, BUT JESUS STEPPED UP! When the words of knowledge came forth, a woman spoke of an eye problem. Audra claimed that WORD and her vision is now restored! Praise the Lord!!! Also, my husband, Jim, received healing in his ankle, which had him wearing a brace for some time. He’s strutting around the house just fine! My husband and daughter being touched by the Lord in San Antonio, TX via the internet from ABBA’s House!!! AMEN.

Sunday morning I was watching FONW online because I was still recovering from complicated oral surgery with many stiches the week before. Pain had also started in my ear, throat, and head. While watching, a Word of Knowledge came forth about pain in teeth, gums, ears. I claimed it shouting out loud this is mine, this is mine.! I started feeling better almost immediately. By the time I got to choir practice at 1:45, the pain in my ear was gone. During the healing service my gums continued to hurt. I became vividily aware that a stitch was still in place even though all were suppose to have been removed last Thursday. I went to the dentist this morning and the assistent discovered she had forgotten to remove the top stitches. She removed the stitches and tonight I could sing with the choir and ALL PAIN IS GONE AND THERE IS NOT EVEN ONE TINY LITTLE BIT OF TENDERNESS!
I knew before I started watching Sunday morning that God was going to heal me and He did!
Love, Joy, Peace, Joyce Hammers

I went to have prayer for impartation and while I believe I received it, that wasn’t all God had in mind! His fire fell on me and I burned inside very intensely!I felt a huge emotional and deep healing take place that I didn’t know I still carried! I cried from somewhere deep as His fire consumed hurts done long ago! I have already walked in forgiveness from these things but He knew exactly how to heal my heart so He could take me to a full,continual awareness of my identity in Him!

I’m diagnosed with end stage liver disease and on the transplant list at Vanderbilt.
I woke Monday morning so refreshed and went through the whole day without the moderate to severe abdominal pain I’ve been experiencing for the past two months.
Believing God for a new liver. I was able to dance this morning while playing Bass during this morning’s worship. Awesome God.

On Monday night of Fresh Oil New Wine, Randy Clark talked about healing as a means of building faith… not just in ourselves, but in others as well. My story (hopefully) is a faith builder:

In December of last year, I was rushed to the hospital with acute appendicitis. The doctor told me that, as long as my appendix had not ruptured, they would be able to do the surgery laparoscopically. But, if my appendix had ruptured, they would have to “cut me open and clean me out”.
I went through the surgery fine, and upon waking in the recovery room, the doctor came in with the summary. My appendix had, in fact, ruptured. However, when it ruptured, an abcess (or “pocket”) formed which all of the toxins leaked into and stayed contained. It was about the size of a plum, and was able to be removed laparoscopically. No peritonitis, no infection!
I was sent home after 5 days, and a couple of days later, received a call from my doctor.
“By the way– when we removed your appendix, we also removed a carcinoid tumor.” As it turns out, I had a stage 1 carcinoid tumor (cancer) that I didn’t even know about. The condition that could have killed me actually saved my life! The doctors told me that, had it not been caught and removed, it could have spread to my liver, colon, pancreas, etc. The Bible says that “All things work together for them that love the Lord”. Thankful for a Father Who knows the end from the beginning, gives us peace in storms, and uses miracles to show His power in our lives! Thankful for a God Who HEALS!

when being prayed for i felt the lades hand on my head apon opening my eyes her hand was not there but i still felt a hand pressing on my forhead i know'” cut and dry”” she did not tuch my forehead. thank you abbas house love trey.

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