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When Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

Through the Looking Glass

The Tsavo Man-Eaters ("The Ghost" and "The Darkness") on display at the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, IL
The Tsavo Man-Eaters (“The Ghost” and “The Darkness”) on display at the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, IL

The movie The Ghost and the Darkness is based on the true story of two man-eating lions (named “The Ghost” and “The Darkness”) who attack a railroad crew in Africa. In reality, it was estimated that these beasts killed over 100 people before they were finally hunted down and killed by Lt. Col. John Henry Patterson in 1898. The by-line of the movie states that…

“Only the most incredible parts of the story are true”.

Mark Twain once said that “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities… truth isn’t”.

As Christians, we must hold on to the truth of God’s Word. While society may tell us that the truth is subjective, and is constantly changing, we have a golden standard by which we live. If what we are being told – by society, the media, or even some churches – does not line up with the Word of God, quite simply, it’s not truth. God will never contradict Himself. He is the same… yesterday, today, and forever.

The “User’s Manual” for life is the Holy Word of God… the Bible. The answers are there — all we have to do is take the time to look.

By pastorron2013

I'm a husband, father, grandfather, and child of the Most High. I enjoy time spent with my Father, pointing others His direction, and watching them be transformed by His love and power. I also enjoy travelling, reading, old cars, and playing with my grandchildren.

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