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The Spirit is Moving

I have been busy traveling and speaking, but thanks to our Abba’s House Media team, I get to watch the services wherever I am.

This past Sunday, an incredible move of the Holy Spirit broke out in the House. During the worship, the Holy Spirit moved in such an amazing way, and manifested in adoration, forgiveness, repentance, comfort, healing, and more. This move of the Spirit was something Pastor Ronnie discussed weeks before, and happened to air on Abba’s House with Pastor Ronnie Phillips, Jr. the same week. His message on The Power of Change ended up being prophetic as the Holy Spirit invaded the service on February 11, and those in attendance LIVED the spoken word. Watch this clip…

It is so exciting to see what God is doing at Abba’s House, especially in these weeks leading up to Fresh Oil New Wine 2018. I believe that God is manifesting His power and anointing, and what we are seeing is just a glimpse of of what is coming as He continues to make All Things New!

I hope you will join me and Pastor Ronnie on March 4-8 as we welcome Dutch Sheets, Perry Stone, Bobby Atkins, Randy Caldwell, Randy Miller, and Bernard Cornwell. There will be a Women’s Luncheon with (very) special guest speaker, Paulette Phillips. There is going to be passionate praise and worship! As always, registration (and attendance) is FREE, but we’d appreciate it if you would register so we can plan accordingly. You can click HERE to register.

I hope you will join us for Fresh Oil New Wine 2018… All Things New!
Come expecting a move of God like you’ve never experienced.

See you there!

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All Things NEW!

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I am so excited about what is just around the corner…


I’m in a new season in my life as Pastor Emeritus of Abba’s House. I have a new purpose as I move into my seventies, and a new spring in my step. During this year’s Fresh Oil New Wine Conference, we are celebrating All Things New!

No matter where you are in life, it’s not permanent. Regardless of how young or how old you are (or feel), God can suddenly usher a new season into your life, and give you a new purpose you never imagined.

This year at Fresh Oil New Wine, we welcome Dutch Sheets. This is Dutch’s first time back in 5 years. We’re looking forward to the word he has from God…

Perry Stone will be back! A FONW favorite, Perry always has an on-time word. Hang on to your seat as Perry reveals truth from God’s word…

Randy Caldwell returns, fresh off a trip from Israel. We’re looking forward to fresh revelation from our brother Randy…

Bobby Atkins is back, and ready to help other ministry leaders and laborers find fresh oil and power for their lives and ministry. Bobby is always an encourager you DON’T want to miss…

Pastor Ronnie Phillips will be delivering his first word to the FONW crowd in his new role as Lead Pastor of Abba’s House! I’m excited about the fire and passion he brings to the pulpit, the conference, and the House…

There will be more… more speakers, passionate worship, and as always, the Ladies’ Luncheon with Pastor Paulette.

For now, I want to share a clip from years past… Dutch Sheets.

Join us for Fresh Oil New Wine 2018. Click HERE for more information and to register. Admission is FREE, but we’d like to know you’re coming.

March 4-8, 2018… All Things New… See you there!

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A Fisherman’s Tale

TN River BaptismWe just wrapped up our Collide Chattanooga 2013 Conference at our church. This was a youth meeting that brought powerful worship and ministry to the auditorium at Abba’s House, and featured Damon Thompson, Dutch Sheets, Chris Brooks, Ronnie Phillips Jr., Rick Pino, Eddie James, Abby Brown, and more. There was restoration, healing miracles, deliverance, and the overwhelming Presence of God. With nearly 2,000 youth and adults gathered together, hungry for the presence of God, the atmosphere was electric.

On the last afternoon of the conference, they took the crowd out to the TN River and had a mass baptism. Hundreds of young people and adults stepped into the water, and made a public statement that they were “burying the old man”, and going on with God in freedom. It was an awe-inspiring site as hundreds gathered on the banks, dozens were baptized at once, and even boaters stopped just outside of the “swimming area” where the baptism was taking place, just to watch.

That evening, when the last session began, one of my staff got up on the stage to do some announcements. He looked out at the audience and said, “I look out here at your faces tonight, and I see the love of Jesus. But I just gotta say… you guys smell like fish!”

The audience laughed as he continued.

“Now, that’s not so bad. Any fisherman worth his salt is going to smell like fish. And here’s the deal… Jesus called you all to be fishers of men.”

What a great analogy! In Matthew 4:19, Jesus commands His disciples to “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Any good fisherman is going to get his hands dirty. Any good fisherman is going to get scrapes, cuts, and bruises. A good fisherman knows going into it that, in order to be successful, it’s going to require having “skin in the game”. Fish are unpredictable. Fish are sometimes slippery and hard to handle. They have scales and fins that are slippery and sometimes sharp. However, any good fisherman knows that catching fish means embracing the task, and that in most cases, the fish that is hardest to land is usually the one most worth having. The more fish a fisherman hauls in, the more he is going to smell like that catch.

As fishers of men, that should be us. If  we are going to win the lost, we must follow the example of Jesus, and be willing to get our hands dirty. Sometimes the people we witness to are skeptical and hard-hearted. Still, we must be diligent in our witness, fervent in prayer, and committed to the task, regardless of the squalls, storms, and hardships along the way.

Someday, I will stand before God. I long to hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant… enter in!”

But in my mind’s eye, as I turn to enter in, I can see Jesus catching my attention, smiling at me, and with a wink saying…

“Ron… you smell like fish!”

Fresh Oil New Wine 2013

Exciting Days Ahead…

Just wanted to take a moment to say one final word of thanks to everyone who participated in and attended (both in person and online) this year’s Fresh Oil New Wine Conference. After 15 years, it was stronger than ever, and the Presence of God showed up night after night, session after session.

Powerful! Anointed! Glorious!

More than 200 people testified to the healing touch they received during the services. ScrewManifestations of healings were happening right before our eyes. One young lady who had a metal screw that had been left in after surgery came forward to testify of her healing. During one of the services, the screw literally fell out of her flesh! I could go on and on… it was truly a time of miracles, signs, & wonders.

ProductIf you would like to experience the wonderful teaching for yourself, the entire conference is available on CD or DVD. With a lineup like Randy Clark, Walter Hallam, Perry Stone, Ronnie Phillips, Jr., Rabbi Curt Landry, Dwain Miller, and myself, you’ll get hours of miracle-releasing teaching and encouragement. Click here to find out how you can order this set.

After such a wonderful experience, some would say, “It”s time to take a little break, recover, and regroup”.

Not the folks at Abba’s House! We are steaming ahead with a full schedule of exciting events for everyone:

On Sunday, April 14, our choir will combine with the Bayside Baptist Church choir to present “Savior”. This will be a wonderful night of worship. It will begin at 6:00p.m., and admission is FREE!

Third DayOne week later, on April 21, Christian recording artist  Third Day will be in concert at Abba’s House. This is a ticketed event, and will begin at 6:00p.m. Go here for ticket information.

If you have a student in your life that needs to be on a collision-course with the Holy Spirit, then Collide is the event for them! Featuring the ministries of Damon Thompson, Chris Brooks, Ronnie Phillips, Jr., and more, Collide will happen on April 19-20. Click here for more info.

Collide Encounter Weekend will happen July 11-13. Damon Thompson will return, and be joined by Dutch Sheets, Rick Pino, Eddie James, Chris Brooks, and Ronnie Phillips, Jr. I will also be bringing the word during the event, and would love to see you there. Register on-line.

All-American Day. Unique and powerful revelation will be poured out by Evangelist Prophet Dr. Randy Caldwell. Also, if you love Patriotic music, we’ll have a wonderful selection of that as well!

And last, but certainly not least…

Big Event

Big doesn’t begin to describe it! This will be the BIGGEST “BIG EVENT” EVER for Ron Phillips Ministries!!!

On August 21-25, I will be joined by:

Jentezen Franklin

Perry Stone

Randy Caldwell

Tommy Bates

Ronnie Phillips, Jr.

… and more!

Register NOW… it’s FREE!!!!!