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Wow! What a Year!

Nica2As 2014 comes to a close, I look back over another year of ministry with a profound sense of gratitude and humility. This past year has brought challenges and trials, but it has also brought wonderful opportunities and blessings. I am thankful for the people I get to work along side of in ministry on a day-to-day basis. I am thankful for the people I meet, and stories I hear of lives changed when I speak in various locations and meetings. I see the hand of God moving among His people, and I am encouraged by the voices He is raising up to reach the next generation.

Nica1Although my international travel was limited this year, Ron Phillips Ministries and Abba’s House were able to send teams to minister through medical missions, evangelism, ministry support, and humanitarian causes in places like Guatemala, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Europe. Our medical team in Guatemala faced major obstacles from the start of their trip, but the hand of God was there, “all things worked together for good”, and hundreds of people were ministered to for physical healing and spiritual nourishment. Our Nicaragua team spent days in street ministry and crusades, seeing hundreds of people make professions of faith in Christ. One of our RPM staff members had the opportunity to minister alongside some other ministries in Europe for a time of spiritual renewal for some very deserving people.

Guat1Along with our boots-on-the-ground ministry teams, Ron Phillips from Abba’s House continues to minister the love of Jesus across the airwaves and around the world, with our call center ministering one-on-one with people on a daily basis. Through our program’s wide distribution through media outlets such as the Daystar Television Network, The Church Channel, The Word Network, Immanuel Broadcasting, and many more, we are seen and heard all over the world, on nearly every continent. When viewers call in with needs, the volunteers in our call center spend hundreds of man-hours yearly — taking orders, answering questions, praying with callers, and ministering Jesus’ love.

So why am I saying all of this?

DR1Ron Phillips Ministries is operated on faith. It is funded by the generosity of people who desire to see lives changed. Whether monthly partnerships, one-time gifts, or book and electronic media sales (CD/DVD), the proceeds go to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ through broadcasts, mission projects, printed material, etc.

Our goal is the Great Commission.

Our passion is souls won for Jesus.

Our desire is proclaiming HIS GREAT NAME to the ends of the Earth.

GUat2Traditionally, at the end of the year, many people try to get “caught up” on their charitable giving. Whether as an act of generosity during the “season of Good Will“, as an act of worship, to meet a personal giving goal, or simply for tax reasons, many people take a hard look at charitable giving opportunities this last week of the year. There are many wonderful and worthy ministries and charities out there, and the decision of which ones to support can be a daunting one. If you are looking for a ministry of integrity and purpose, a ministry that takes the words of Jesus seriously and puts feet to faith, then I invite you to consider Ron Phillips Ministries in your end-of-the-year giving. When you give to RPM, you can rest assured that your gift goes to ministry, and that it will be treated with the accountability and respect that honors our Lord.

Won’t you be a part? Won’t you help us spread His love to more places than ever before?

If you would like to give a one time gift, you can give securely online at this link.

If you would like more information on how to give monthly as an RPM Partner, contact us here.

If you would like to purchase product, or have a question about who we are or what we do, I invite you to call us at 1-800-877-6493 and speak to one of our operators (call center is closed for the holidays, but will re-open January 4, 2015).

From all of us at Ron Phillips Ministries, may you and yours have a happy, safe, and blessed New Year!

Pastor Ron

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BibleAs many of you know, our Big Event is coming up later this month (September 24-28). For those of you who may not know much about our ministry, this is a time for our partners and friends of our ministry to come together for a time of spiritual renewal and celebration. We worship, we hear great teaching, we have meals together, an auction (to raise money for more ministry), and much more.

Maybe you read my blog, and you don’t even understand why preachers do what we do. After all, the Bible even refers to preaching and the message of the cross as foolishness…

For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. For it is written:
“I will destroy the wisdom of the wise,
And bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.”
Where is the wise? Where is the scribe? Where is the disputer of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of this world? For since, in the wisdom of God, the world through wisdom did not know God, it pleased God through the foolishness of the message preached to save those who believe. For Jews request a sign, and Greeks seek after wisdom; but we preach Christ crucified, to the Jews a stumbling block and to the Greeks foolishness, but to those who are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God. Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men. ~ 1 Corinthains 1:18-25

“Has not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?” What we in our finite minds think of as wise has little eternal value in the eyes of God. All of the stuff that we cling to as human beings (ie: money, power, fame, etc) has no eternal significance. Remember the very old and equally true saying, “You can’t take it with you”?

The reasons we do what we do are simple: To share the love of Jesus with the world that needs Him. To heal the broken and hurting. To give direction to a society that is adrift with no oars, no sails, and no hope.

We believe in a God of eternal salvation, spiritual and physical healing, and love beyond measure. As believers in Jesus, it is our job to take the light and love we have been given, and spread it wherever we go.

That is why we do what we do.

I hope you will join me on September 24-28 for The Big Event. Click this link for more info. Below are a couple of videos I hope you will take a moment to watch.

Why? – Jalyn’s Story

Why? – Jeff’s Story

Why? – Mission: Dominican Republic

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Reflections on a Kingdom Experience

Worship2-2If you follow my blog or Twitter feed at all, you know that last week, we had our annual partners and friends conference, The Big Event.Jentezen

Randy CaldwellWow!

Ron PhillipsWords just escape me as I reflect on the incredible Kingdom time that we experienced. From the worship, to the words that we received, to the luncheons and receptions, it was clear that this Big Event was special. Every speaker brought such a Kingdom message… it was obvious that the Holy Spirit had orchestrated every sermon, every word, and every service.

Perry Stone“Thank you’s” seem so inadequate, but it is with a humble heart filled with gratitude that I thank each one of you who came to the conference, watched online, or sent encouraging thoughts via social media and email. Without such great partners and friends, we cannot accomplish the work for which we have been called. It is through your encouragement, prayers, and generosity that we are able to move constantly and consistently forward, and share the love of Jesus with a nation and a world that are in desperate need of Him. We love you, and pray that your hearts were encouraged and uplifted by the time we spent together.

Tommy BatesRonnieThank you to all of our speakers: Randy Caldwell, Perry Stone, Jentezen Franklin, Tommy Bates, and Ronnie Phillips Jr. consistently stepped up to the pulpit and knocked it out of the park. Your words encouraged all of us to a deeper walk and commitment to Christ, and I am proud to call each of you “friend”.

Thank you to my co-host and Executive Director of Communications Angie McGregor, the RPM staff, and all of the volunteers who made The Big Event a huge success. From childcare workers and parking lot attendants, to video editors, sound people, mailroom and call center helpers, musicians and singers, bookstore workers, caterers, and ushers (and so many more that serve “under the radar”), your sacrifice and service are beyond compare. You served selflessly and cheerfully, and made The Big Event  the success that it was. I love and appreciate each of you more than you will ever know.

In case you didn’t get to come to The Big Event, take a moment and check out some of what you missed. Below are the videos that we shared at the conference… videos of healing, hope, and the mission work that you are a part of when you pray and contribute to Ron Phillips Ministries.

And again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being Kingdom partners!

Pastor Ron

Worship Ron & PauletteDance

Angie & DanaChoir 2

ChoirPraise Team

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Making a Difference in the Dominican Republic

This was taken two weeks ago. A short video of some of our recent visit and ongoing work in the Dominican Republic.


A Traveler’s Photo Journal

A short photo-album of our mission trip to the Dominican Republic…

Some of the crowd gathered to hear Pastor Ronnie Jr. preach the word at the baseball stadium.
Another shot of the crowd. An estimated 11,000 attended the first night of the crusade, with around 1,000 praying to receive Christ.
My friend, Pastor Bob Vineyard, ministering to a local pastor at the Pastor’s Conference in Cien Fuegos.
Three generations of Ron Phillips.
My grandson Trey (Ron Phillips III), Ronnie Jr, and me. Such a blessing to get to minister with both of them (Trey read the Scripture the opening night of the crusade).
Pastor Ronnie Jr. bringing the word on the second night of the crusade. In spite of the rain, approximately 5,000 braved the weather to get a touch from God.
A young lady holding up two of the three books the team gave to all in attendance. The one on the left is my book, A God-Sized Future, translated into Spanish.
The young lady on my left was crippled and using the walker I am holding up. We prayed, and she walked out of there healed! Hallelujah!!
Ministry time. The crowd pressing in to be prayed for.
Here I am, speaking at the Pastor’s Conference in Cien Fuegos. Nearly 100 pastors came to be ministered to at the conference.
A local pastor and translator, Pastor Mike, and me. This brother has an amazing story and a wonderful heart.
On our last day there, we ran into John, a new friend and viewer from South Carolina.
My friend Dr. Randall Collins ministering at the Pastor’s Conference.
The Landfill. A garbage landfill encompassing hundreds of acres. Hundreds of people come here to scavenge for food, as well as hunt for items they may be able to resell for money. Many of the children at the Abba’s House Children’s Center were rescued from this life, and are now fed and educated at the Center.
Me, Pastor Jose Rodriquez (Abba’s House, Dominican Republic), and Pastor Ronnie Jr. with some of the children from the Abba’s House Children’s Center.
Our team with the some of the children from the Abba’s House Children’s Center in Cien Fuegos, Dominican Republic.
Pastor Mike and I praying for one of the attendees of the Pastor’s Conference.
Pastor Sammy Wilson ministering at the Conference.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words…

If these images stir your heart and spirit, and you would like to learn more about how you can become a part, click here.

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A Traveler’s Journal: Finishing the Race

In his book, Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis said, “If you read history, you will find that the Christians who did most for the present world were precisely those who thought most of the next. It is since Christians have largely ceased to think of the other world that they have become so ineffective in this”.

wpid-IMG_20130319_211953.jpgPaul compared the Christian life to a race, encouraging us to run the race with consistency, determination, and commitment (see Hebrews 12). A long-distance race is not won by the short distance sprinter… it is won by the one who paces himself, and runs the race with endurance and skill, having conditioned himself for the task.

AHCCHaving just returned from a mission trip to the Dominican Republic, and seeing the need that exists there, it brings that analogy of “the race” closer to home. While people who do the “big thing” do a lot to advance the work of the Kingdom of God, the Bible says that we should not despise the day of small beginnings (Zechariah 4:10). The fact is that most people do not have the wherewithal to pay for an orphanage, or supply drinking water to an entire village; however, we can all do the small, consistent thing – the small gifts that, when joined together, make the huge difference that can change the world.

What makes up a $100 bill? 10,000 individual pennies.


How do you change the world? One single, solitary heart at a time.

In our current economy, it is easy to lose hope when it comes to giving. It is easy to lose sight of the small, consistent thing we can all do in the shadow of the desire to do the big thing. We all have the desire to do something, but it is easy to succumb to a spirit of condemnation and defeat when we either cannot do all we think we should, or in some way fail to do what we have committed to. Sometimes, throwing up the white flag of surrender seems easier than trying to win the race.

However, maybe Paul knew something that we all forget too easily. Maybe Paul knew that it is not always about winning as much as it is about finishing. Just maybe, Paul knew that, in the Christian life, the winning is in the finishing.

AHCC2Here at Ron Phillips Ministries and Abba’s House, we are reaching the world in a variety of ways. Not only do we have our international television program, Ron Phillips from Abba’s House, and our associated print and media ministry, but we are also involved in a variety of mission projects, not just here in the United States, but around the world. Jerusalem, Guatemala, South Dakota, the Dominican Republic – just a few places in the world we are reaching through the generosity of faithful partners and friends who make what we do possible.

If you have given to Ron Phillips Ministries in the past, words cannot express our gratefulness to you, or the impact you have made on the lives of so many people.

If you have not given, but would like to be a part of something bigger than yourself, it only takes one thing… a willingness to start. When you give to Ron Phillips Ministries, you can be confident that your gift is going to share the Gospel of Jesus, whether through television, internet, or boots-on-the-ground mission work around the world.

Will you help us? Will you use this opportunity to make a fresh start in giving to the work of God around the world?


Please help us change the world… one heart at a time.

If you would like to talk to someone about how you can be a part, call 1-800-877-6493.

You can also contact us online at, or click here to give securely online.

If you would like more information on how you can partner with Ron Phillips Ministries, click here.


A Traveler’s Journal: Final Day


We spent our last day visiting the Abba’s House Children’s Center in Cien Fuegos. We arrived to a group of smiling faces, full of energy and excited to greet new visitors. From the first moment there, you could not help but fall in love with these wonderful children. The center is run by Pastor Jose Rodriguez and his wife Anyolina, a ministry we have adopted and that now serves as the official Abba’s House representative in the Dominican Republic. The center feeds and teaches over 100 of these precious little ones every day, and we are excited about the plans for their future, and the possibilities of feeding and ministering to even more in months to come. Jeremiah 29:11 says that God know the plans He has for us… good plans for a future filled with hope. We believe that God is going to do great things through the ministry of Pastor Jose, and use him to offer a bright future to many children.

While we were at the center, a small group from the team went to “the landfill”. What they saw there broke their hearts. The landfill is an actual landfill where the garbage and refuse from all over Santiago is brought and dumped. It encompasses hundreds of acres, and is filled with flies, stray dogs, cattle (and the waste they bring), and hundreds of people – many of them children – who scavenge for food, as well as discarded items that they might be able to resell. Almost ALL of the children from the Children’s Center were rescued from this very life, but there are so many more to rescue.

After our visits, it was time to get ready for the final crusade. What had been a beautiful day became cloudy, and while we were on the way to the stadium, the bottom fell out. It poured, turning the infield of the stadium into a muddy mess. Still, it did not deter thousands from coming to get a fresh touch from God, and find healing and deliverance at the foot of the cross. I shared the pulpit with Pastor Ronnie Jr. as we told the story of Jesus healing the woman with the issue of blood, and raising Jarius’s daughter from the dead.

Pastor Ronnie gave an invitation for salvation, and many, many people prayed to receive Christ. He then gave an invitation for those wanting to be healed. Hundreds of people flocked to the stage to be prayed for. Our team, as well as local pastors prayed for those who came forward. The pastors then gathered at the front of the stage, and we prayed a blessing over about 100 of them.

This has been a glorious trip, and I want to just say a word of thanks to all of you who lifted us up in prayer. Your prayers were felt every step of the way, and encourage  us to look forward with great anticipation to what God is going to do in the future in Cien Fuegos.

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How to Change the World (with a Frog as Your Spokesman)

Through the Looking Glass        When James and Richard met at a convention, they seemed destined to work together. They entered into a creative partnership, and led a team of performers that brought smiles to the faces of children and adults alike for decades.

Speaking about working with his team, James once said that…

“I’ve never felt any sense of competition with anybody, we’re all friends; we’re all good friends.”

Isn’t that how the Body of Christ should be? No competition… just each person operating in their gifts, while celebrating the gifts of others while we press toward a common goal: Reaching the world with the love of Jesus.

James ‘Jim’ Henson and Richard Frank Oznowicz – aka ‘Frank Oz’- were the driving force behind the Muppets, making the world laugh at the antics of Kermit the Frog and his friends.

If a small group of puppeteers can make the world smile, how much more should a unified Body of Christ have the ability to change that same world through love?

DR mapThis week…

I will be ministering with a small group of very gifted friends as we bring the light of Jesus to the people of the Dominican Republic. We will be ministering to local pastors (as well as their wives and staff), and doing street evangelism. In the evenings, we will be holding open-air crusades at a local sports stadium, and sharing the Gospel to the masses in the Santiago area. My son, Ronnie Jr., will be ministering at these events, and sharing the word God has laid on his heart for the people there. It is going to be a powerful time of salvation, healing, and Holy Spirit power.

We are praying that lives will be forever changed.

We are praying for a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the people of that area.

We are believing God for thousands of souls to be added to the eternal roll of the Kingdom of God.

Will you join us? Will you pray for our team? Will you partner with us in prayer for the salvation of the people of the Dominican Republic?

Keep following along this week. I will be commenting and keeping you updated as often as possible.

We are believing for God to change the Dominican Republic… one heart at a time.

Have a blessed week, everyone!

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Mission: Dominican Republic

DR mapWe’re just a few days away from another exciting mission opportunity. On Monday, March 18, I will be joining a team of missionaries from Abba’s House, led by my son Pastor Ronnie Phillips Jr., and traveling to the Dominican Republic. This is going to be an amazing opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the people of Santiago and Cienfuegos.

In the mornings, I will be leading a Pastor’s Conference with the help of Randall Collins and Bob Vineyard. We will be ministering to approximately 100 pastors (as well as church members and staff), and speaking into their lives and ministries.

Our mission teams will be participating in street evangelism, and visiting the landfills where the poor go to rummage through the garbage trying to find food as well as items to sell. We will also be visiting the Abba’s House Children’s Center, a youth center set up by Pastor Jose Rodriquez, that provides food, education, and Bible study for around 100 children per day. His wife, Anyolina, also provides medical help through a nearby medical clinic she runs in Santiago.

In the evenings, Pastor Ronnie Jr. will be preaching at a crusade, “Tu Hora Con Ha Dios Llesado” (Your time with God has arrived), that will be held in the local sports arena. They are expecting tens of thousands in attendance, and we are believing for a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and thousands of professions of faith in Jesus Christ.

So, will you join your faith with ours? Will you pray for our team as they travel to the Dominican Republic to share the love of Jesus? If we pray together, believing in what God can do, there is no limit to the possibilities that await us there. Please pray for our team all next week, as they travel in obedience to Jesus’ command to “go into the world and preach the Gospel”. Please lift them up to the Father for safety, protection, divine opportunities, and a mighty harvest of souls!

RPM Logo

A final note…

One of the things that I stress to my mission teams is this question:

How do you change the world?

The answer is… One heart at a time.

Whether it is the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Gambia, or places closer to home, at Ron Phillips Ministries, we are sharing the love of Jesus through television, internet, and boots-on-the-ground mission work all over the world.

Maybe you can’t go, but maybe you can give.

Would you be a part in helping us share the love of Jesus? Would you be a part in helping us win the lost for Him? When you donate to Ron Phillips Ministries, you help us reach the world with the saving message of Jesus. You can be a part! To find out more, click here.

Help us change the world… one heart at a time!