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Images of #FONW15

A Fresh Oil New Wine 2015 draws to a close tonight (3-5-2015), I thought I would share some images from this amazing experience. This has been a powerful week of worship, teaching, and ministry, and many lives have been changed forever. Spirits have been refreshed, lives have been restored, and I believe that many are leaving here, ready to make an eternal difference in our world.

It is said that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so I thought I would simply post a “photo album” and let you experience a little of what went on (remembering that even the pictures don’t do it justice… you really need to be here next year). In the days to come, we will be offering the entire set of teaching sessions (CDs or DVDs) from the conference that you can purchase for your own viewing and edification. Be sure to look for it.

(Click on any image to enlarge)CapStone Crowd Hastons Karen Ken and Dana Mathena Ordination Perry1 Perry2 PT PT2 Rabbi1 Rabbi2 Rabbi3 Randy RonnieRonnie2RP1 RP2 Tony & Randy

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For Such A Time As This.

For those of you who saw my last blog post (As The World Burns), I referenced a Scripture in Esther…

“For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” ~ Esther 4:14

The children of Israel were in danger of being slaughtered by the evil Haman, and Mordecai was encouraging Esther to stand up for her people and expose Haman’s wicked plan to the king (which could potentially cost Esther her very life). Esther trusted God to take care of her, spoke to the king, and her people were miraculously spared.

We are at a critical time in world history. Evil and darkness are running rampant in our nation and in our world. However…

We are called to be a light in the darkness.

We are commanded to be salt in this world.

We are meant to make a difference.

We are destined to overcome.

We are here for such a time as this.

What does that mean for you? What does it mean for your family, your church, your community?

What does it mean to our nation and our world?

Watch this video clip, and join me March 1-5 for Fresh Oil New Wine.

Come find out what it means for you!

Fresh Oil New Wine 2014 The Big Event The Life of Faith The Mysteries of God The Secret Place

5 Reasons You Need Some Fresh Oil & New Wine In Your Life

If you follow my blog, you know that next week we will be hosting our annual Fresh Oil New Wine conference at Abba’s House. By now, you might be saying to yourself, “Self… why should I go to Fresh Oil New Wine?”

I’m SO glad you asked!

In the spirit of “all things listed”, here are 5 reasons you should come to Fresh Oil New Wine:

#5 The Olympics are over.

Snow 6J

With all of the ongoing video clips, comments, and chatter still dying off in the distance, you may not be aware that the Olympics actually ended last Sunday. Now that you have so much time on your hands (in the absence of skiing, bobsledding, skating, etc), you can come and be a part of what we believe is going to be a mighty move of God.

#4 It’s better than watching YouTube.

Worship2Yes, you can sit at home and watch other people worship God through endless videos on YouTube, or…

You can register now to be smack-dab in the middle of His presence with hundreds of other hungry worshipers.

#3 This might just be your Due Season.

Leaves1On Monday night of the conference, I will be delivering a message about Due Season. What does it mean? How do you know when your due season has arrived? How do you persevere while you are waiting for your due season to arrive? This session will hopefully answer those questions for you, and give you strength to be an overcomer through all of the seasons of life.

#2 I’ve invited a few friends along.

Each year at Fresh Oil New Wine, we have powerful speakers who join us, and this year is no exception. Pastor John Hagee, Perry Stone, Rabbi Curt Landry, Randy Caldwell, Dwain Miller, and more will be joining us to make this a conference like no other!

#1 You have a rich heritage that needs to be tapped into.

As believers in Jesus, we have deep roots in Jewish heritage. The Jews are God’s chosen people… What does that mean for you as a Christian? How can we honor Israel and our ancient Jewish heritage as 21st century Christians? Come find out.

Fresh Oil New Wine is March 2 – 6, 2014. Registration is free.

I hope to see you there.

Pastor Ron

P.S. I would really appreciate your help. Help us spread the word about Fresh Oil New Wine 2014 by sharing my blog on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, carrier pigeon, smoke signals, or whatever form of social media works for you. If you are on Twitter and Facebook, we are using the hashtag #FONW14.

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Capturing The Olympic Spirit

imageAs we say goodbye to the XXII Winter Olympic games, and the world says goodbye to Sochi, Russia, with all of the pomp, opulence, and fanfare that any Olympic games is deserving of, I am reminded of the Olympic Creed, adopted by Pierre de Coubertin from the inspiration he received from a speech given by Bishop Ethelbert Talbot at a service during the 1908 Olympic Games…

The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.

During these games, this creed was borne out over and over again in the faces of winners and unsuccessful competitors alike. In most cases, competitors who came up short of the gold understood that this defeat was not the end, but merely a clarion call to work harder, find that “edge”, and bring the painful lessons of the past to bear in preparation for the next time, with a determined unwillingness to make the same mistakes again.

One has to wonder if the apostle Paul ever observed the Olympics firsthand (the ancient Olympics were believed by many to have begun around 776 B.C.), or if he was merely familiar with the stories of what athletes went through in preparation for the event. After all, it was Paul who penned…

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. ~ II Timothy 4:7

At the end of the day, Paul knew he had done his best. He knew he had given his all. He knew there was a prize waiting for him at the finish line, and that it wasn’t reserved exclusively for him. In the next verse he goes 0n to say…

Finally, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give to me on that Day, and not to me only, but also to all who have loved His appearing.

… And not to me only, but also to all who have loved His appearing.

Paul knew there were many who had gone on before him… names like Moses, Elijah, Deborah, David, and Abraham… others who had fought the good fight, and had been his forerunners in the faith.

However, I also believe he knew there would be others after him, with names like Charles, Catherine, Billy, Bob, and Joyce… people who would take up the mantle and track shoes of the great runners of the faith, and continue the race. After all, the race we run is not a sprint, but a long-distance relay in which “the called” run the distance and then, at the end of their leg of the race, hand the baton of faith to the next tent-maker, fisherman, shoe salesman, gang member, or dejected teenager in line. And as the sweat-drenched, blood-covered baton is passed to the next competitor, they hear the call echo from all who have gone before…

Let us not become weary in doing good, for in due season we shall reap, if we do not faint. ~ Galatians 6:9

So what about you, Runner? Are you ready to strap on those shoes, and leave the thrills, spills, and defeats of the past behind? Your due season may be closer than you think.

Ready… Set…



I want you to join me at Abba’s House for Fresh Oil New Wine, March 2-6. Registration is free, and I will be speaking on Due Season the very first night. My friends Perry Stone, John Hagee, Rabbi Curt Landry, Randy Caldwell, Dwain Miller, and more will be joining me. I hope to see you there! Click here for more info and to register.

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Tapping The Ancient Wells


Our annual Fresh Oil New Wine conference is about to begin at Abba’s House, and I hope to see many of you there. Fresh Oil New Wine is always a great time of spiritual renewal and outpouring, and this year, we expect no different.

Christianity has deep roots in Jewish heritage, and I will be joined by John Hagee, Perry Stone, Rabbi Curt Landry, Randy Caldwell and others as we honor Israel and our Jewish roots.

I would love to see you there! March 2-6, 2014 are the dates for this free conference at Abba’s House in Chattanooga, TN. To register, click here.

Are you someone who needs renewal and refreshment from the Holy Spirit???

If so, then this is the conference for YOU!

See you at Fresh Oil New Wine!

Pastor Ron

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Reflections on a Kingdom Experience

Worship2-2If you follow my blog or Twitter feed at all, you know that last week, we had our annual partners and friends conference, The Big Event.Jentezen

Randy CaldwellWow!

Ron PhillipsWords just escape me as I reflect on the incredible Kingdom time that we experienced. From the worship, to the words that we received, to the luncheons and receptions, it was clear that this Big Event was special. Every speaker brought such a Kingdom message… it was obvious that the Holy Spirit had orchestrated every sermon, every word, and every service.

Perry Stone“Thank you’s” seem so inadequate, but it is with a humble heart filled with gratitude that I thank each one of you who came to the conference, watched online, or sent encouraging thoughts via social media and email. Without such great partners and friends, we cannot accomplish the work for which we have been called. It is through your encouragement, prayers, and generosity that we are able to move constantly and consistently forward, and share the love of Jesus with a nation and a world that are in desperate need of Him. We love you, and pray that your hearts were encouraged and uplifted by the time we spent together.

Tommy BatesRonnieThank you to all of our speakers: Randy Caldwell, Perry Stone, Jentezen Franklin, Tommy Bates, and Ronnie Phillips Jr. consistently stepped up to the pulpit and knocked it out of the park. Your words encouraged all of us to a deeper walk and commitment to Christ, and I am proud to call each of you “friend”.

Thank you to my co-host and Executive Director of Communications Angie McGregor, the RPM staff, and all of the volunteers who made The Big Event a huge success. From childcare workers and parking lot attendants, to video editors, sound people, mailroom and call center helpers, musicians and singers, bookstore workers, caterers, and ushers (and so many more that serve “under the radar”), your sacrifice and service are beyond compare. You served selflessly and cheerfully, and made The Big Event  the success that it was. I love and appreciate each of you more than you will ever know.

In case you didn’t get to come to The Big Event, take a moment and check out some of what you missed. Below are the videos that we shared at the conference… videos of healing, hope, and the mission work that you are a part of when you pray and contribute to Ron Phillips Ministries.

And again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being Kingdom partners!

Pastor Ron

Worship Ron & PauletteDance

Angie & DanaChoir 2

ChoirPraise Team

Fresh Oil New Wine 2013 Healing Living It Out In Real Time Miracles Out of Nowhere The Life of Faith The Secret Place

Tell Me More…

FOWN Altar

Our annual Fresh Oil New Wine 2013 Conference is under way, and what an amazing way to start it off! Yesterday, we witnessed dozens of healing miracles happening right before our eyes. People being healed of all manner of illnesses, conditions, and diseases. The reports have been nothing short of amazing!

While I believe healing builds the faith of the person receiving that healing, I also believe that testimonies of those healing miracles help to build the faith of others. Personal testimony has a powerful effect, on both the one testifying as well as those listening.

FONW WorshipI want to hear from YOU!

I want to hear your story of healing!

If God has touched you with miracle healing power already, I want to know. Please leave me a comment and tell me your story. I would like to share it, here on the blog (your comments will be viewable by others who follow the blog), as well as on Twitter and Facebook, so that others can rejoice with you, and find hope for themselves by the testimony of what God has done for you.

Talk to me.

Tell me more.

PLEASE… share YOUR story in the comment section below.


Fresh Oil New Wine 2013 Healing Living It Out In Real Time Miracles Out of Nowhere The Life of Faith

Where Does Your Healing Begin?

FONW2013If you follow my blog, you know that our church, Abba’s House, is about to kick in to our annual Fresh Oil New Wine Conference (March 3-7, 2013). This year, our focus will be on healing. Do you need healing? Do you know someone who does? Are you ready for that healing to begin? We are looking forward with great anticipation to what God is going to do in the lives of people from all over the country. This will be an exciting time of healing, deliverance, and being witness to the overwhelming love, grace, and power of the Holy Spirit.

I will be joined this week by…

Perry Stone

Randy Clark

Walter Hallam

Rabbi Curt Landry

Dwain Miller

… and Ronnie Phillips, Jr.

You can click on the image link below for more information. The conference is free, but registration is strongly encouraged.

I hope to see you there!!!!!

FONW Promo

Healing Living It Out In Real Time Miracles Out of Nowhere The Life of Faith The Secret Place

When The Diagnosis is Defeat

“When adversity comes, you praise God.”

That was what my friend Terry had always been taught. When those tough times come, you just stand there, stare down the storm, and praise God.

However, on January 8, 2012, praising God was not very high on Terry’s priority list. After experiencing some problems, and noticing a lump that had developed only over a couple of days, and that ran from his chest up toward his shoulder, Terry decided to visit his doctor. His doctor was pretty blunt with the assessment:

“You have extensive small cell carcinoma (a very fast growing and aggressive form of cancer). You probably only have 6 to 12 months to live.”

A very shocked Terry had little time to process this news and the implications. He began chemotherapy immediately… the next day to be exact. While the prognosis was grim, doctors were going to try to do what they could to try to help him.

In her book, On Death and Dying, psychiatrist Elizabeth Kubler-Ross outlines the 5 stages of grief for someone who is dying: Denial (isolation), anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

“I immediately began going through the stages. In the coming weeks, I dealt with anger, denial, and depression.”

But after some initial grieving, something miraculous happened:

Terry found a spark of faith.

He found out that people all over the country were praying for him, praying for his healing. People from all walks of life were joining together in faith for a husband, father, and brother many had not even met.

“I was at my sister’s barber shop”, Terry recalled. “A Christian lawyer was there and asked if he could pray for me. As he prayed, I felt some long-seeded emotional pain begin to disappear. I felt healing – emotional healing – beginning to take place.”

Terry was sent to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX for more treatment. During his numerous visits to MDA, he would undergo radiation therapy… for three weeks at a time.

After his first stay at MDA, Terry came home. That Sunday, while at Abba’s House for the morning service, Terry came forward for prayer. “As Pastor prayed over me, I could feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit.”

Drawing on these prayers, Terry began to spend more time in personal prayer, time in the Word, and listening to anointed worship music and healing Scriptures. Through his Lifegroup at Abba’s House, Terry was introduced to the book, The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson. The book teaches that, if we will just keep “circling” the promises of God through prayer, that God will ultimately deliver. One of Terry’s favorite quotes from the book is “God has determined that certain expressions of His power will only be exercised in response to prayer. Simply put: God will not do it unless you pray for it.”

Holding on to the prayers that had been offered up on his behalf, as well as the belief that his mission on this earth was not over, Terry refused to stop believing in a loving Father who wanted to heal him. He continued to “draw the prayer circle” around his need, and continued to believe for his healing.

On February 13, 2013, Terry was declared “cancer-free” by his doctors! At a time when medical science had all but written him off, Terry believed God. “Don’t stop! Don’t give up,” he says. “God will answer your prayers. It may take a while, but his promises are ‘yes and amen (so be it)’. Hold God to His word, and don’t give doubt the tiniest foothold!”

As you can imagine, the medical cost of a catastrophic illness such as this can be astronomical. However, Terry just smiles, “God has met our needs. Not one bill has gone unpaid. I haven’t worked in over a year. However, we continue to pay our tithes and give, and God miraculously meets our needs”.

God is true to His Word. Throughout Scripture, He gives us His promises to heal and deliver, and His promises are as good today – as “yes and amen” now – as they were when He originally breathed the Word to those who wrote it down.

So here is the question? Do you need healing? Do you want to be healed – physically, emotionally, spiritually?

If the answer is YES, I hope you will join me at this year’s Fresh Oil New Wine Conference. We are believing for a mighty, healing outpouring this year.

Come and get into the circle! For more info, just click the image below…